About Hider

Hider - software product for hiding your personal data

private app for your iphone

Our vision

We focus on the Western markets and working with us is a unique experience in creating and bringing exciting new products to the international level.

We are looking for self-motivated activists eager to join us to achieve ambitious results and goals.

We want to create DreamTeam, where each team member doesn't only share the skills , but learns and grows with us.

Solved problems

Smartphones and social networks makes your life transparent while it doesn’t fit users best hopes. A number of settings on your device could help you keep you private. But they are complicated and they couldn’t be switched all at once.

You can prevent your secrets with Hider!


Information leaks arise in the two types of sources:
1. Private users day-to-day leaks, which brings divorces, conflicts and reputation problems.
2. Business users data loss. This type of leaks threats financial and ecomomical risks.

What is Hider?

Hider - group of mobile application which helps you protect your smartphone and make it really private
Applications hides your secret messages, browser history, private photo and secret documents. You will be protected from unexpected messages seen by your neighbors during an important meeting. You won’t allow some of social app unexpectedly publish your location information without your desire. Make a step toward more reliable device or more controllable future.